In case you hadn’t noticed (but we think you probably have), TURNHALLE isn’t just about fitness, it’s about a way of life.
We pride ourselves on offering a 360 degree approach to achieving a better body because it takes much more than the act of physically working out to create a body that's truly fit. And while you're working on your evolution, we're always working on ours. So we’re excited to be introducing the new TURNHALLE nutrition philosophy, comprised of 12 fundamental nutritional pillars.

Nutrition is an integral part of the TURNHALLE SYSTEM.
“Too many nutritional programs focus just on the narrow aims of weight loss and athletic performance, whereas the 12 pillars are meant to address behaviors and physiological considerations that are essential to optimizing not just athletic performance, but performance in life.”


  • Focus on Eating Nutrient Dense Foods Rather Than Counting Calories
  • Get Your Nutrients From Food, Not Supplements
  • Eat Minimally Processed Foods without Added Sugars
  • Employ a Seasonal Detox to Help Achieve Optimal ResultsFuel Properly Pre- and Post- Workout
  • Eat a Predominantly Vegetable-Based Diet
  • Eat Clean, Lean Protein with Each Feeding Opportunity
  • Increase Intake of Water and Healthy Fluids
  • Eat Locally, In-Season and Organically Whenever Possible
  • Eat Healthy Fats Daily
  • Regulate Blood Sugar By Being Strategic About Total Carbohydrate Load Learn to Listen to Your Body’s Hunger and Satiety Cues

The basis of the approach is to look at nutrition from a cellular level. Specifically, that eating to fuel the mitochondria — the powerhouses of your cells — can prevent premature aging and disease, as well as ensure that your body performs optimally. Why is this so important? Because science shows that the majority of the people are deficient in the micronutrients necessary to keep their bodies healthy and functioning at peak levels. And a body that functions at peak levels is a body that is going to get results — no matter what the goal.